Why I’m kicking this off

I’d like to welcome you to this new blog. So what do I want you to get out of it? My motivation to start writing this blog comes from three drivers that had been tremendously important for my personal life:

New ideas

I consumed many blogs in my professional life and explored different sources about product management in the field of corporate training & digital learning. Out of this big sea of information, I’d like to provide you with a the stories I found most valuable and my ideas on them. So I will write about:

  • experiences with digital learning from my daily work, such as eLearning, video tutorials and webinars.
  • best practices about enabling software users for their work challenges and managing your training like a product.
  • new forms of learning technology I come across on conferences, network events or meetups.

New perspectives

Everywhere people are talking about eLearning, digital classrooms and media. But where are you supposed to start? How can you apply innovative learning techniques into your organization? And how can you really make a difference for your target group?

eLearning is not the answer to everything, actually it’s helpful just for a very narrow fraction of learning. I will discuss situations where eLearning makes sense for your use case, and where different training forms are more likely to make your work as a training professional easier and impactful.

New conversations

If you like what you are reading about here, just get in contact with me over e-mail or social media and let’s discover NEXT LEARNING for the two of us.

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